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About Barbara

Barbara is an illustrator and artist based in Holland.

As a child she grew up in Amsterdam, besides reading and dreaming drawing was her favorite thing. 



Seeing her first picturebook:"David en de walvis"being published made her realize what she most wanted to do: illustrating picturebooks. 

Beside splashing paint around she likes to be outdoors, you can find her and her white shepherd ïn the wild on a daily basis. 

Barbara about herself

It is hard for me to draw something when I cannot "feel"it and in my work there needs to be some emotion. 

Moving to the countryside expended my horizon a lot, being in the green both inspires me and calmes me down. 

I started my illustrating career later in life, first me and my husband started and run a couple of company's.

This thought me to think commercial and work hard. 

It also thought me to follow my passion, so lately I am back at the drawing table, feeling more alive then ever.

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